SouthWest Ramadas
All structures can be designed as attached or free-standing!


Viga Latilla

Masonry block with stucco and paint to match existing exterior with either a truss & tile or open lattice roof system. Try accenting with stone, tile or finished block for a truly unique look.

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The Southwest’s most authentic ramada structure. The vigas (posts) and the latillas (toppers) are made from hand-peeled Ponderosa pine and can be designed with either an open or closed roof system. Hand forged wrought iron accessories are a great accent for this type of structure.

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Other Wood


These structures are made of rough sawn Douglas fir typically 4" to 6" posts with 2" toppers, however larger beams create a much more dramatic structure. Try adding traditional corbel cuts or wrought iron fixtures to personalize.

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This is an alternative approach to wood and masonry. Light weight, yet durable and maintenance free, these aluminum structures have a faux wood look and are made with either a closed or open lattice roof system.

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Attached Structures

Preconstruction Drawings

These are structures that have been attached to an existing structure. These usually, but are not limited to patios, porticos and extended shade structures.

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These are architectural renderings provided to our clients prior to constructions, but toward the end of the design phase. These drawings help to bring the concept to life and illustrate what the final project will look like.

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Please check out our Upgrade Options page for more design ideas.

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